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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Ad Blitz Winner...

While America’s feelings were divided around the results of the overall game, there’s one aspect of Super Bowl Sunday that crosses team loyalties and brings us together — the commercials. This season’s commercials had something for every individual, from cute dogs to talking babies to Adriana Lima. After having a week of intense competition in the YouTube Ad Blitz contest, the votes have been in and you also voted M&M’S “Just My Shell” commercial as the favorite ad in the Super Bowl!

Supply the stats!
In its fifth year running, YouTube Ad campaign has recently surpassed previous years with 133M views from fans worldwide, up 43 percent from recently (by Sunday, 2/12)...but still counting! Actually, during game time roughly 6 percent off U.S. YouTube traffic came from sightseeing Super Bowl commercials on Advertising campaign.

Purchasing that saw the best variety of views were Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, getting back together 82 percent of total views received over the week. And yes it wasn’t just fans in the states seeking out the commercials — nearly 18 percent of most views originated outside of the U.S. Other interesting stats include:

The favourite ads drove many views - 65 percent of video views got their start in the top ten commercials.

Google searches relevant to [Super Bowl commercials] peaked on Monday, but continued over the other countries in the week.

A lot more than 32 percent off mobile votes occurred on Tablet devices, our first year running Ad Blitz with a tablet-optimized channel.

Tune to the YouTube homepage now to browse the top five spots!