Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free Your Mind and Expand Into Your True Life Experience

From young age we are taught to adopt a system of values ??of our elders, deliberately define our identities, and then "stick to it" regardless of the circumstances. Indeed we are programmed to believe that choosing identity and stick to it no matter what happens is somehow virtuous and noble.

When contemplating a strange trend and its impact on the society one is torn between laughter and tears.

On the one hand it's so completely ridiculous how could we not laugh? At the same time on a scale of self-denial is indeed sad.

Once you look past aspects of biomechanics, a human being is an expression of consciousness. With very nature, we seem to be designed or evolved to adapt to the intellectual and emotional stimulation.

It makes absolutely no sense to try and force yourself to think and feel a certain way. The fact is, your intellectual mind and your emotional center of both naturally and quickly respond to events and circumstances without you having to process a great deal on a conscious level.

It's not uncommon to experience separation from your inner self, and thus are not sure about how you feel about a particular event. But with practice and patience you can tune back into your natural response.

Moral codes are structured, and especially organized religion, teaching people to model their thinking and feeling mechanisms after an ideal role model. From this base is deeply flawed and unfair, said code / subject instantly insist their religion is based on the life experiences of all pre-conceived patterns for how to think and feel.

But you do not need a book, a list of rules, or code of ethics to tell you how you really feel about something. Thoughts and preferences come from within, and they appear immediately.

Against the thoughts and feelings that come naturally potentially unhealthy. And trying to deny who you really are at that time will rob you of spontaneous joy and expansion that you are right.

Consider this scenario:

An event that happens in your life, and you are aware of and emotional response is to feel certain ways about it. You do not make the effort to form opinions about the event, and you do not try to control your emotional response, you just react on the mind.

Thoughts and emotional responses may or may not be aligned with political parties, religious, or social organization you're involved with. This does not mean you are bad, sinful, crafty, etc. and it does not always show your political affiliation, religion, social and inappropriate.

The way you think / feel something can be influenced by various internal states such as energy levels of physical and emotional circumstances that exist. And your natural response to the stimulus provided may depend on external factors, from which something happens with the current weather conditions.

Even your intellectual and emotional response to an event like that happens may be different from the response you notice when you recall the event from memory. In the same way you can experience a wide range of variation in your natural response to the event is almost identical in some instances.

Because people fear the unknown, they often seek to control every aspect of their reality. They can ignore certain feelings, deny certain thoughts, and essentially pretend to be someone other than who they really are in the name of "stay safe".

It's time for people to stop being afraid of who we really are. Species we intuitively want to move to the next level of human evolution, and for this to happen we need to let go of rigid, inflexible "rules" about how we think and feel about certain events.

Once we know who we are and how we really feel about our life experiences have an honest basis for deciding where to go next

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