Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Perfect Life

Life is beautiful my friend. Although we sometimes feel tired to please everyone. Tired of being what others want us to do. We seemed to be a puppet for the few. Success may be we can, but far dilubuk our innermost hearts we cry.
          Learn not to think about something until protracted, more to do 'something' real action, to do more so that our lives are useful for other people, a lot of smiles, lots of music to enjoy beautiful music, and certainly many many grateful, because we live in the world This is because of the grace of him the owner's life:).
           Then how can we live this life more happy and relaxed. Yes, the start is in control of our own lives, enjoy the rhythm of the melody of our lives with one of positive encouragement, and do not forget to lean towards the Father in heaven.
           The enjoyment of the story, more ... The following summary of how to live life and enjoy it it is ...

1. No human is perfect, then do not ever try to be perfect. As our parents said, perfection belongs only to God the Almighty GOD.So,, please stop for being Mr. / Ms. Perfectionist:). Not everyone can think as fast as we are, not all people can know what we want, not all people can work like us. Every human has a problem in his life. there everything will be tersempurnakan by time and circumstances.
2. Never try to please everyone.Yes, so remember the movie "Yes Man" someone who had always claimed (No), eventually becoming a people who always say (Yes), although at the end of the movie, people are daring to say no to something he thought was untrue, and he felt obliged to he maintained. Forget to forget to remember also the end of this film, but in the end he managed to make a decision and say NO to anything contrary to his conscience.
Moral of this story, we are only human. So, do not ever try to please everyone and may even destroy the expense of our own feelings.
Learning to put things in accordance with the portions.
3. Doing work that makes us happy. simple, first after the accident and recovered, the fat guy always ask. "What will you do next?'' When I decided to return to singing, he just said. Conduct is everything that makes you happy. Because the happy heart is a drug.

4. Set the priority scaleYes, not grandiose if we have to solve whatever problems we, according to his interests.The easiest way is to plan everything. And looking at the level of urgency / importance level. And begin to implement it.
5. Choosing the right friends.Hehehe ... Yes, so remember, the late mother. always said, show me who your friends, then I'll know who you really are. Choosing the right friends is as important as we choose a potential husband / wife. Due to the positive environment of friendship also influence us to act and do better and move forward. Any man would need the support. Our friends are the family we choose. So make sure you choose your friends that deserve to be given time and attention.
 6. Lightweight hand.Giving is not always in the form of matter. Fortunately we get the chance to always give to others. Because many people are able but often do not get a chance to give. Giving can be a prayer, support, energy, thoughts and so forth. So do not ever count what we give, for sure, and trust me it will all be returned Father in heaven beyond what we ever thought and hoped.7. Focus and positiveYes, focus on what does that mean exactly? Hehehe ... Focus is almost equal to the professionalism, which runs what is already planned to FINISH. And still berfikiran positive, so we are ready to fortify themselves with attacks from all sorts of directions.
 8. Be yourself.Beautiful when we become ourselves is when we let go of existing masks our upfront.Hehehe ... so, boooo cape wear masks. Be honest to yourself. Who actually wants to trick us? What other people ourselves?9. Enjoy life today.Thankful, and enjoy the process we walk with the Lord through all the problems that exist today. Because today is trouble for today:)10. Starting was changed.Nothing is certain in this world, the only thing certain is uncertainty itself. Hehehe ...If we are tired of being someone else, tired of pleasing others, tired of advising others, it means ... There's nothing wrong with us, or with the person to whom we relate. So, we must change for the better:)

Ok, that's all folks, tips for you, to enjoy our life and makes life better

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