Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Grey-one for the money.

This is a fantastic movie about survival when there is little or no opportunity.
It's a simple movie. Neeson's bodyguards and a group of people such as drilling in Alaska finds himself and a few people who survived the plane crash and face the harsh cold desert in an attempt to return to civilization. In the desert they are faced with a bunch of bloodthirsty wolves.

Most of the fantastic, but definitely Neeson shines in the lead role. he is the type of hard-eyed man we saw of him recently, but like the rest of the cast, he's vulnerable.

This film speaks volumes about the male ego and what it means to truly become a man.
Reported that men Neeson protect some of the worst kind of men. But when faced with punishment, these people show their vulnerability.

They look tough and rugged. Even Neeson plays things cool and disconnected, but in this film we learn about each man. see things that they really care about, and even see them face their fears when they do not admit fear.

This movie is destroying the image of male virility in a slow way to provoke thought.

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